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The Harpia project was one of the projects approved into announcement of FINEP CT-INFO 2003 to build Open Source software. Its main objective is to develop a graphic environment, following the Open Source policy, to help the education, training, implementation and management os vision system.

The system is composed by several modules that allow the communication with hardware devices for signal processing (mainly images) and for management of remote vision systems.

The system is available for industrial and academic applications, facilitating and helping the development of control systems for quality assurance and process based on vision systems; improving the quality and reducing fabrication costs beyond the fact that it also spreads the use of this kind of technology.

As of July 17th, 2009, the software is on its 1.0 (stable) version. Many new features are planned for next version. Also, this stable version has been packaged for the Ubuntu distribution and can be found through Karmic Koala's oficial universe repositories (or here ).

If you are interested in other projects of S2iLib, please refer to our wiki.

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